Office work towards authorities:

  • Representation of  our clients in the administration of the supervisory approval process
  • Administration work around the official submissions and licensing process for technical equipment and systems that require regulatory approvals
  • Assessing of the units to be licenced/approved of operating equipment and administration of licensing process

Documentation preparation:

Preparation of documentation  package of equipment with incomplete- or without documentation in compliance with the regulatory requirements according to in-force regulations (e.g. 1/2016 (I. 5) Regulation MGM or 2/2016 (I. 5) Regulation NGM and 23/2006. . (II. 3) In light of the Government Decree) based on on-site assessment

Risk analysis

Registering, database handling

Technical surveillance of new equipment:

Verification of conformity based on customers, distributors or manufacturers orders considering the relevant regulations and special customer requirements of the product during the entire manufacturing process (design, manufacture, testing, delivery). The subject of the surveillance might be a product (e.g., pressurized equipment, storage tanks, pipeline), or a complex establishment. Content of the activity will be determined in a Technical surveillance plan

Technical inspection (periodic inspection, free-market activity) of operating equipment:

  • Pressurized equipment, piping
    • Conditions of testing according to the NGM 2/2016 (I. 5) Regulation
  • Testing of pressurized equipment
    • Conditions of testing according to the Government Decree 23/2006. (II. 3)
  • Supervisory person and examiner of mining presssurised equipment

Periodic inspection of storage tanks, pipelines, leak testing:

- Conditions for execution of testings according to NGM Decree 1/2016 (I. 5.): The testing organisation must be certified according to NGM Decree 1/2016 (I. 5.) and must be registered at the competent authority

Our company owns certification according to the NGM Decree 1/2016 NGM (I, 5), and it is registered by the competent authority. (The Certificate was issued by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd., under registration number:  : 1088 16 1/16. Regulatory filing, registration and registration number at the competent authority: Hungarian Trade Licensing Office for Information Security and Technology Authority, MKEH-PMFH-MFO / 1215-1 / 2016)

Damage analysis:

- The damage analysis is performed corresponding to NGM Decree 1/2016 (I. 5.) and 2/2016 (I. 5.) and covers:

* Preparation and continuous updating of equipment records

* Assessment of equipment status with selected material testing procedures

* Administrative management of equipment. (Eg filing)

* Hazard or Risk Classification of Equipment

* Revision of equipment’s operating manual taking into account operational experience

* Preparation of control plan for equipment

* Periodic condition testing of equipment

* Determination of damage processes of equipment

* Assessment and updating of operating systems (eg P & ID, isometry)

* Safety review of operating equipment and systems (eg. Safety fittings, respirators, vacuum protection, inertization, etc.)

* Evaluation of the risk of operating systems