At the end of year 2017 our organisaition obtained the revised certification about az MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 comliance.
The scope of our certification was amended with tecnological installation and cleaning of industrial equipment!

Last update: January, 2018


- Using of phase-controlled non-destructive ultrasonic technique in testing (UT-PE) and where applicable using this technology

- Recording with digital radiograph (RT-S) and where applicable using this technology

- Design and operational risk analysis of pressurized equipment, systems and non-pressurized equipment

- Strength rating of pressure equipment according to EN 13445, AD2000 Mbl., CODAP, ASME VIII, BS PD 5500, GB 150, GOST R. Scaling software: Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel

- Strength rating of storage tanks based on API 650, Scaling software: Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel

- Calculation of external loads: Wind load: EN 1991-4, Earthquake load: EN 1998-1, Storm load. WRC 107. Scaling software: Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel

- Design (TEMA) and technological drying of heat exchanger

Last update: August, 2017