Quality Policy Statement

The main focus of TERVCENTER Ltd. management is to perform the professional activity of the company at a high quality level and economically.

In all cases, the quality of the activity undertaken is determined by the requirements, expectations, specifications, usage objectives, the relevant technical and safety requirements of the customers considering the internal and external aspects and stakeholders..

In order to continously comply with the relevant requirements, we have introduced and operate a quality management system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015  EN ISO 17020: 2004 have been introduced.

Continuous and effective operation of the quality management system ensures a process-based approach and system-oriented approach to all aspects of our professional activity involving handling of risks and opportunities.

Our quality manager and the whole mamagement of our Company is responsible for the effective operation of our quality management system as well as to regulate and continously improve it.

All employees of our company are responsible for the quality of their own work, for the continuous development of their professional skills and for the effective operation of the quality management system introduced.

The primary aspect of selecting our suppliers is based on their quality skills. The company expects and requires for all of processes, products and services from external sources  to identify with the company's quality policy and serve our common goals with flawed performance.

We consider to be important to ensure impartiality and independence in all of our company’s work.

By continuous training of our staff, the planned development of the used technologies and infrastructure we ensure the continuity of the company's effective operation.

The management of the company declares its commitment related to the professional activities requirements as well as for implementing of quality objectives, strives for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the system.


Budapest, October 2, 2017

István Csepregi 

Managing Director